Services for Institute

Maintain updated database of students/alumni:
Create, update and maintain online database of students & alumni. With interactive nature of the portal and recruitment services provided by, members are motivated to update their profiles.

Online system to manage existing Campus placement: provides an online systems where the institute placement team manage the multiple resume of students. Posting Jobs and applying becomes much easier through

Additional support in Campus Placement:
Campus jobs posted by alumni and’s client companies support the existing campus recruitment cell.

Industry Exposure / Interaction:
Different contests, online seminars (webinars), events and other activities conducted by can increase interaction between students and industry. Also direct visit by some of the leading professionals.

Share institute updates to students/alumni:
Share the updates on institute happenings and different activities with the students and alumni.

Participation in Event / Contests / Activities :
Institute can participate in inter-college/ corporate events and other activities organized by

Buy and Sell:
This is certainly going to be a unique feature for the students.

Services for Students/Alumni

Get updates about the institute:
Get updates about the events, reunion or any other activities happening at the institute on their dashboard with lots of other utilities.

Manage online multiple profiles:
Students/ Alumni can upload and manage multiple resumes online which can be shared on one click also Alumni can post their massage.

Students & Alumni can scrap, message, chat, blog, update and exchange knowledge with batch-mates/ seniors/ juniors and also with their faculty members.

Buy and Sell:
This is certainly going to be a unique feature for the students.

Get access to relevant Jobs/ Campus Jobs/ Summer Training:
Alumni can get access to relevant jobs posted by other alumni, companies or consultants. They can set own filters to receive only relevant jobs. Students can get access to summer training opportunities and campus jobs posted by the institute, companies and

Post job requirements to your network:
An alumnus can post a job requirement to the network.

Search for seniors/juniors/jobs/deals:
Search for other alumni depending on batch, industry vertical, company and city. Get help/information from them. Search for relevant jobs and deals depending on requirements.

Share/ Access classifieds :
Share classifieds within your network and other institute networks within your city. Engage :
Students & Alumni can get to participate in the events sponsored by keeps running lot of activities and contests on the sites where members can participate and win prizes or jobs!

Services for Corporate & Training Institutions

Campus Recruitment :
Recruit through our network of different Engineering & B-schools by just posting the jobs on the network or else use as extended campus recruitment arm of your organization.

Lateral Recruitments :
Recruit through the huge database of top Engineering & B-school’s alumni. Also leverage the expertise of the experienced headhunters of

Feedback Surveys :
An online feedback for your entire organization which can be completely customized to specific needs.

Events :
Partner with us in different events targeting corporate houses & campuses.

Engagement :
Use our platform to keep the future leaders engaged with your brand constantly right from their budding days.

Online Advertisements / Sales :
Use our platform to promote your product / services to the right target audience.

Use our technology platform and create a well customized closed community interactive user-groups for your customers or employees to keep them engaged as well as loyal.

Membership Features for Employers / Training Organisations:

  • Post unlimited jobs
  • Download text resume
  • Professional connectivity with colleges
  • Professional connectivity with students
  • Upload Logo
  • Download Psychometric Evaluation (PE) Report with prices ***
  • To be updated in future









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