Campus Drives

At the heart of campusnext.org activities is our campus drives. Campus drives are campus recruitment sessions that connect organisations with today's talented students for the purposes of employment. At campusnext.org, we have a dedicated team working closely with our partner companies and colleges to deliver campus drives that create value for both students and companies. We work to optimize job opportunities for students across our partner colleges and at the same time, we work to minimize the efforts made by our partner companies in looking for the right candidate.
To register with campusnext.org, please visit our membership page or contact your campusnext.org representative.


Internships can be a valuable first step in transitioning from the academic life to the work life. An internship is a short work placement, usually between 1-3 months, that allows students to gain practical experience in a professional setting related to their field. Interns have the opportunity to work on real-time company projects, learn from others in the industry, and develop their communication, time management, and networking skills. In return, organisations benefit from fresh perspectives, new energy, and a platform to evaluate candidates for future employment. At campusnext.org, we are working closely with organisations to bring these valuable internship opportunities to our members.
For current internship opportunities, please email us at support@campusnext.org, campusnext.org@gmail.com

Industrial Visits

Company visits can complement classroom learning by providing a real-life component to educational learning. Company tours allow groups of students to gain first-hand insight into a company’s day-to-day operations, ask questions of employees and managers, and learn about challenges faced by organisations and how they overcome them. At campusnext.org, colleges are able to connect with our network of organisations to provide this added depth of learning to their students.


Seminars are information sessions designed to help campusnext.org members learn how to showcase their potential and develop their employability. From advice on resume writing to interview tips to career information sessions, campusnext.org provides a variety of seminars to address your career needs.

Guidance Cell:

A platform where students community and specialized faculty exchange ideas also gives a platform where eminent leaders imparting their knowledge among the student community.

Entrepreneurship Cell:

A cell dedicated to increase awareness and importance of Entrepreneurs.

Student’s Community:

Where all the students are get-together and having a direct interaction within college community and intra college community.

Services for Institute’s / Colleges- (K-12 to University Level)

  • We work as a campus advisory company and provide services which encompass all the institutional need right from admission marketing to the alumni management.
  • campusnext.org will help you reach to the corporate world. Invite companies, manage job offers, control privacy and distribute your online brochure.

Below are the corporate services we are providing.

  • Education Consulting
  • Education consulting- A complete advisory on education delivery.
  • New course start ups
  • Infrastructure buildup
  • Legal and accreditation compliances
  • Building of partnerships and alliances with national and international names
  • Admission Marketing
  • Curriculum Remodeling
  • Institute Branding & Events
  • Internships & Placements
  • Industry Integration
  • Alumni Management
  • Campus Software
  • Campus facilities etc.
  • Faculty headhunting

Below are the corporate services we are providing. (Click to read)

  • We provide a variety of services to the corporate right from connecting you to the untapped talent that lies at different corners of the job market. Find the right person for the right job, schedule interviews, post jobs, screen resumes and more...
  • Our unique approach places us at the vantage point for both the students and the educational institutes.
  • We bring in the best of the talent with the least efforts on your part.
  • Below are the corporate services we are providing.

Services for Corporate (Training & Placement Organisations)

  • Branding
  • Student’s Seminar
  • Students Data Etc.

Campus Recruitments

Campus recruitment-we provide hassle free campus recruitment

  • Links with hundreds of job seekers, so a huge pool of candidates to choose from
  • Good number of colleges have partnered with us
  • Connect with students at all levels be it graduates, B.Tech, MBA, MCA's, B.Pharma, MCA etc.

Campus Branding

Scholarship Programs

  • Scholar ship programmes- build relations with the prospective employees
  • Campus relations is more with the student who changes every year
  • Funding and creating an evergreen brand in the campus
  • Reach multiple campuses with the same fund

Pooled & Off Campus Drive

  • We have as of now conducted good number of pooled campus drives around the country
  • Experienced in handling huge no.s of students coming down for the drives
  • Conducted the biggest pooled drive with large number of campuses and 20 corporates

CLP- Campus Loyalty Programs

  • Strong relations with a large number of campuses
  • We conduct Contests
  • Guest lectures
  • Industrial visits
  • Freebies
  • Campus Ambassadors
  • FDP’s

Incubation Training

  • Incubation training—get to know your employees even before they join you
  • A time when the employees instead of salary takers have become more of a stakeholders in the company
  • At this point be provide a platform where you can hire train and deploy the resources
  • You can test ride the candidates.

Assessment & Benchmarking

  • Assessment and benchmarking-One stop access to categorise students on skill than on student
  • View all the candidates profile listed in just a click of mouse
  • We conduct aptitude tests with standard industry questionnaire
  • Placement status of every candidate available on our website









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